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Ron Head – Love Is Breaking Out – 28 June 2013


We greet you today with news that your world, at least the world of those not in denial, is changing.  Look more closely around you than the national and international news.  Many of you stopped following that some time ago anyway.  Look for the changing attitudes of those in your own communities.  Look even at the opportunities being brought forward by those courageous enough to challenge the long prevailing attitudes which you want changed. Continue reading


EuroNews – EU leaders Hold Talks With Business, Union Chiefs – 28 June 2013

europeanunionflagEuropean leaders are meeting with industry and trade union figures at this EU summit to discuss how to fight unemployment.

The new head of one of Europe’s top business groups cautiously welcomed plans to help jobless youths. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Heather Gallaghan – Science: Sunlight Could Reduce Death Rate From All Causes – 28 June 2013

Flickr-sunset-Tony-Fischer-Photography-300x215Here’s something I never thought we’d hear in this lifetime:

We suspect that the benefits to heart health of sunlight will outweigh the risk of skin cancer.

A lot of us are secretly, boldly basking for reasons like vitamin D, mood enhancement, happiness, skin issues, liver health, pain and more. Now there’s never a reason to fear harm or feel guilty – you could save your heart – and prevent an untimely death! Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Secret Flower Planter Threatened With Arrest If He Doesn’t Stop Planting Flowers – 28 June 2013

laura brunoOh, my goodness! Just when I thought lawsuits and “authority” couldn’t get any more ridiculous!

Between the Vernon Hershberger raw milk co-op “trial” outlawing discussion of “co-ops” and “raw milk” and the “trial” of a California man facing 13 years in prison for scribbling messages on the sidewalk in chalk outside a Bank of America ( where the judge ruled against any mention of the First Amendment or free speech in the trial), I thought I’d seen it all, but no! Continue reading

American Kabuki – Updated Version : Adventure And Healing In Morocco – 28 June 2013

By American Kabuki

(note this post will probably be expanded upon over the next few days)

Heather had invited me and D to come to Morocco for a visit in February. Air travel and lodging pre-paid. She said she wanted to return the energy in kind for the effort we had given to publish the OPPT articles.  We didn’t really say much about the trip, as it hadn’t been finalized, and it eventually grew to quite a few more people.  We didn’t announce the trip or when were going lest the publicity complicate the travel of so many people traveling at once to Tangier.  And when the word did get out, Ben Fulford and Neil Keenan came up with some bizarre Indiana Jones story that we had fled to Ethiopia from CIA assassins and were looking for the Ark of the Covenant.  But what the heck, their fiction was a good laugh when read about it from Tangier. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The Remembering – Blogtalk Radio Show 28/29 June – 28 June 2013

5D-medianetworkLink to radio show recording

USA EDT/ 28 June. 20.00 pm /European Mainland Time 29 June, 02.00 am/ Sydney Time saturday 29 June, 10.00 am

Join Emilio and guests for The Remembering..

– understanding how powerful your thoughts are, projecting and manifesting whatever reality you wish. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – A Potpourie Of Understandings – 28 June 2013

raise-vibrationHOME! HOME!! HOME!!!  My Good God it feels sooooo good to be Home again!!  It equally feels good to know I do not have to get back into that car for a whole days drive anywhere, at least until the 16th of July when I pick up my good friend from Switzerland at the Denver airport (big smile)!!  Other than that, I shall be using airplanes to get cross-country from here on out!! lol Continue reading

Wes Annac – This Is Reality – 28 June 2013

I find myself exponentially motivated and completely sure of what I’m here to do, and the resulting metaphysical perception I’ve been able to unlock has been nothing short of amazing.

I surfaced doubts surrounding my mission and sought guidance about them in a channeled interview with the Pleiadians a couple of months back, and since that surfacing, my faith and concrete knowing of the reality of what I’m doing has remained unbridled. Continue reading

John Ward – Global Looting: How The EU Finmins’ Scheme Offers Us Almost No Protection From Haircuts – 28 June 2013

lootcartThe thrusting lances of the Knights Template will skewer us all in the end

I confess to wondering more and more, as the world careers towards disaster, at what point people will wake up to the systematic rules being drawn up around that world in order to steal every last bit of wealth left to us….now that the econo-banking mess is beyond self-repair. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Balance – 28 June 2013

banksy-adorable-art-artist-Favim.com-649284(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

It seems obvious to me that things in the world have suddenly turned even more aggressive and hostile. The war machine has switched into a higher gear, their blood lust has been ramped up and their need to silence has once again become blatantly obvious. Three free energy inventors were suddenly killed recently, the brilliant journalist from Rolling Stone was killed in a supposed car accident which is now being torn apart and the truth slowly revealed and you can bet your money if they could get their hands on Snowden he would be gone as well. This ugly violence must stop. It is time we, as the keepers of the light, start a revolution of kindness that embraces the world. We must balance out the injustice with kindness, we have all seen enough brutality to last many life times and it is time to infuse life with kindness and love to level the playing field here! Continue reading