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I UV – Questions For D’s Interview With Caleb Skinner On Project XIII – 19 June 2013

0.jpgQuestions for D’s Interview With Caleb Skinner on Project XIII

These are the questions from eternal essence embodied that Keimpe is gathering from the skype rooms for D to ask when she sits down to interview Caleb on Project XIII Continue reading


ActionsOfLove – Chase Binnie – I UV Is Real And It’s All Energetic – 19 June 2013

https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-frc1/c113.33.414.414/s130x130/485805_10151642538134770_680350831_n.jpgChase’s evolving perspective on I AM banking, BEing my own source of infinite potential, consciously creating ‘money’ or representations of value, and how I might use Project 13 to communicate and exchange. (~20 minutes long) http://ge.tt/5WWK3pj/v/0?c Continue reading

Sophia Love – Time To Get To The Core – 19 June 2013

Time to get to the Core

Now you get right down to it.  You reach back and peel off the layers of habit and falsehood.  Underneath you’ll expose the parts of you hidden.  It is those most concealed and quiet aspects that are called for now.

Until today you’ve believed they didn’t matter.  I tell you this.  These most powerful and effective traits are found in those places you’ve been convinced were bad.  There is no such thing as a bad ability.  There are only those abilities the “owners” could not contain, were labeled “wrong”, and thus punished.  Let go of judgment and be. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 19 June 2013

sheldan7 Kayab, 11 Cauac, 9

Selamat Jarin! We return with much to discuss. As you can see, your world is still subject to the last fading antics of the old reality. Each passing moment brings the dark cabal closer to its inevitable demise. We watch with compassion as it comes to recognize and grapple with the outcome of its choices: the total collapse of all it has known. Those of our associates involved with this aspect are wrapping up the operation which will render these dark ones powerless and a mere shell of what they once were. The new governance which will succeed the old order is to explain the master plan for change and the approximate schedule, and some of it is likely to astound even those of you who are most informed. These broadcasts will lead swiftly to a full disclosure of our benevolent existence and our reasons for being here. Once done, we can then work with the Ascended Masters and present to you a chronological outline of your origins and history, and an introduction to the wonders of full consciousness. Our primary mission is to return you to a state of union with your Self, and this will be completed once we have landed and you have been introduced to your Inner Earth family. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – The Pleiadians – The Next Phase In Global Ascension: The Summer Solstice : Everything Through The Heart – 19 June 2013

MélineLafontOur most dear brothers and sisters, our family and most important our beloved relatives. Today we wish to convey a special message about the upcoming summer solstice which is nearing as seen from your linear timeframe. We would like to elaborate on this topic with all of you, from heart to heart.
Continue reading

Kauilapele – Sometimes BEing An Energy Workers Is SO NOT Easy – 19 June 2013


Cookie (up close) and Lakai… my feline brothers
(click to enlarge)

I did not know I would write anything about my former house-cat-mates, Cookie and Lakai. But today I was hit by the memory of having them around at my house in Captain Cook, and touching them, and hearing them purr, and having them roll on their backs when I talked with them and petted them. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – No Need To Carry The Weight Of The World – 19 June 2013

art-percy-jackson-Favim.com-636534(Pictures by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

Carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders is a function of the old world. If we are still doing it we have not shifted our perspective on life. We must still be stuck in the muck and mire of 3D. Part of entering the new world is learning how to maneuver our way through life more easily by not getting caught up in ego dramas and the rules and regulations of the old world. We hopefully have learned how to avoid ego dramas by now. No judgment, no assumptions, watching what we say and think, no expectations of how things should be, but rather learning how to flow with what is and accepting it. This is just one of the ways to know whether you have moved ahead or not. Life is only overwhelming when we get bogged down in the dramas and don’t know how to get out or blame everything on others. Part of our shifting is to accept responsibility for our own lives now. It is nobody’s fault but our own. We have the choice how we wish to live our life. Continue reading

John Ward – The Paedofile: Only The Nutters Can Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of A Victory For Real Parents – 19 June 2013


John WardProfessional conspiracy loons do favours for themselves alone

Today’s edition is the a mix of unbelievable defences, disturbing evidence, and – not something I indulge in that much – criticising those whose determination to see paedophilia in everything is, as always, just one of the many factors holding back detection of the real thing. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – From Solstice To Equinox : The Arc Of The Convenant – 19 June 2013

heavenHere is so much happening behind the energy of Life, some we can see and recognize, most tho, not even close to being able to comprehend with our minds.  What I do see is exciting even if coupled with the unknown qualities spirit is so good at teasing us with.  And even tho the “field” is under construction a visual remains constant every time I look at it, the new foundation is being poured into every version of reality there is in all existence.  In my vision, it looks like champagne being poured straight from heaven.  This “champagne” of energies will become the temporary foundation in which we facilitate the new world of energy between the solstice and the equinox.  I say temporary because in my days of pondering, I had seen this foundation liquidizing once again near the Equinox in September. Continue reading

Lucas – Searching For The Way – The Unity Paradox And Arcturian Insights – 19 June 2013

(picture credit)

Several shifts have taken place and it is that what I hear and read people have experienced as well as I have done so.   The shifts in feeling a second body, let us call it for now “spiritual body” being moving  around in your physical one. Experiencing a sort of bi-location in being in two places or levels of experience in one moment of the now.  Feeling shifts in consciousness. Expressing new capabilities as Telepathy, etc.  Seeing manifesting capabilities really work in just moments.  The evidence things are changing and realities are shifting are growing day by day. Continue reading