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POOF – Susan & ZAP – “Finely Be Free” – 24 June 2013

poofOffice of POOFness – “FINELY BE FREE” – A Q&A with ZAP

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Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary: You Are Entering a Period of Deep Refinement of Your Energies – 23 June 2013

refinementenergies.imagesCABCHZ3CMother Mary:

Hello my dear ones, I am in awe of your development and your refinement in energy.

Much has transpired and it is ongoing as we speak. The solstice and super moon energies have made a huge impact on your Light Bodies and so you must rest intermittently to encompass and process it all.

Continue to absorb and welcome these energies without expectation and anticipation, but instead with complete acceptance and allowance, joy and gratitude. The more you open, the more transformation can take place. And it is not just in your Light Bodies; it is in every aspect of your world. Continue reading

AdaptingToGrace – Networking With The Heart – 23 June 2013

HeartLakeA quote was taken from this message in my last post. Here is the message in its entirety.

Transmission January 2, 2011

The heart is connected to all that is natural, universal law, wholeness – not only on Earth but throughout your universe. So when one awakens, what this means is… the heart has become activated, or active within this network or grid. Continue reading

I UV – Chris Of Masters : United I A Federal Commonwealth Of Australia – 23 June 2013

Chris of Masters:United in a Federal Commonwealth of Australia

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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 23 June 2013

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

As you watch the old world systems crumble and the weather patterns change all across the planet with all its ramifications, remain still within your heart and keep your vision strong for your intention for a peaceful change into a better way of life. Hold your intention for the raising of awareness of all of Earth’s inhabitants. As they meet these challenges, what wells up from within them is their innate goodness and the comprehension and understanding that all are one and that what happens to one happens to all and these ones open their hearts wide to encompass their sisters and brothers in their time of need. Continue reading

Lucas – The Knowing – What Else Is Needed – Flow – 23 June 2013

subtle-body-energy1In listening to all sort of people speaking of their newly found connections and talking about their own shifts in bodily and mental changes  in the moment of now I feel great joy and bliss.  The changes are coming fast. From healing to manifesting probabilities in seconds it all is now at reach for those opening up to this.  It not the same healing energy anymore as in the old paradigm. All is still a process and it is still a choice to go that path all the way or keep de-touring. Continue reading

Ariah Velasquez – The Full Moon For Success – 23 June 2013


Positive energies prevail this full moon, particulary around projects you may have been working on bringing into fruition. A Capricorn full moon has the power to bring  to us the support we have been needing to fuel our most potent, passionate dreams. The way to bring about the most change from this moon has to do with going into your own dream space within to create.  It is a highly spiritual time today in which you can manifest from your  inner alchemy.

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Reuters – Kristen Hays And Anna Driver – Former Enron CEO Skilling’s Sentence Cut To 14 Years – 23 June 2013

ReutersBy Kristen Hays and Anna Driver

HOUSTON (Reuters) – A federal judge slashed 10 years off of his prison sentence of former Enron Corp Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling on Friday, a decision that could set him free as early as 2017.

U.S. District Judge Simeon Lake reduced his term to 14 years from 24 years, accepting a deal struck between prosecutors and Skilling’s lawyers that will end years of appeals. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Interplanetary Shock Wave – 23 June 2013

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Chris Hales – Walking In Energy – Blogtalk Radio Show – 23 June 2013

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