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OSCE Sends Second Team To Negotiate Release Of First OSCE Team Held Hostage In East Ukraine – 26 April 2014

ZeroHedgeYesterday, in merely the latest indication the eastern, pro-Russian region of Ukraine will hardly succumb to Kiev authority, a group of OSCE military observers who had been dispatched to supervise events in the city of Slavyansk were taken hostage by local separatist milita. Soon thereafter even Russia itself chimed in saying it “will take all possible steps to free detained OSCE military observers in the Ukrainian town of Slaviansk, Russian news agencies reported on Saturday, citing Russia’s envoy to the Vienna-based Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe.” “We think that these people need to be freed as soon as possible,” Andrei Kelin said in comments cited by ITAR-TASS. “Russia as a member of the OSCE will undertake all possible steps in this matter.”

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Jon Rappoport – Aftershocks From My Interview With Sharyl Attkisson – 26 April 2014

jon7The ripples don’t stop. Attkisson was on to something huge at CBS, when she covered the CDC’s lies re the Swine Flu “pandemic.”

When an epidemic is promoted by governments and public health organizations, it’s an absolute disaster for them if their work is exposed as a fraud.

Much of the public believes in the medical cartel, as devotees do when they belong to a Church.

The scale of the CDC’s lies re Swine Flu, when exposed, would be on the order of a bishop saying, “You know that holy document we’ve been telling you about? It’s a fake. It never existed. We made it up.” Continue reading

US Soldiers Arrive In Lithuania To ‘Reassure’ NATO Allies Amid Ukrainian Crisis – 26 April 2014

RT logoAmerican troops have arrived in Lithuania for military drills as tensions rise in the region over Ukraine. Russia has voiced its concern over the troop buildup in Eastern Europe as well as to the deployment of NATO ships in the Black Sea.

The Lithuanian government welcomed the arrival of 150 troops at the Lithuanian Air Force Aviation Base in Siauliai on Saturday, reported Reuters. Referring to the escalating tensions in Ukraine, President Dalia Grybauskaite said “we know in this situation who our real friends are coming to help.”

“If any of our guests are injured, it would mean an open confrontation not with Lithuania but with the United States,” she added. The group of troops is part of a larger contingent of 600 troops that have been deployed throughout Eastern Europe to reassure NATO allies. Another company of soldiers arrived in Poland on Wednesday and in Latvia on Friday. Troops are also expected to arrive in Estonia on Monday.

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Russian Planes Have Not Entered Ukrainian Airspace – Moscow – 26 April 2014

RT logoRussian military aircraft have not breached any state borders, including those of Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said. Ukraine’s acting defense minister has also retracted claims by Kiev that Russian jets “violated Ukrainian airspace seven times.”

“Russia’s means of objective airspace situation control did not record any violations of air boundaries of the states adjacent to Russia, including those of Ukraine,” Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

Pentagon officials quoted by US media Friday claimed that “Russian fighter jets flew into Ukrainian airspace a handful of times over the last 24 hours,” calling it “a continued provocation.” The officials were not named.

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NYC Judge Obliges Internet Providers To Disclose Foreign Emails To US Govt – 26 April 2014

RT logoA US federal judge in New York has ordered Microsoft to turn over their customers’ emails and other digital content to law enforcement agencies, even in case the data is being stored on servers physically overseas.

New York Magistrate Judge James Francis does not question the cosmopolitan power of a valid search warrant issued by a US law enforcement agency. In a first-of-a-kind court ruling Friday, the judge created a precedent that no US internet provider, be it Microsoft or Google or another company, can refuse an official demand to share foreign clients’ private data, Reuters reported.

The initial search warrant was issued last December in regards of one of Microsoft’s clients who stored his data on a server run in Dublin, Ireland. An undisclosed US agency sought information that could be found in the person’s email, such as the customer’s name, credit card numbers or bank account used for payment.

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Natalie Glasson – The Universe Is Listening By Master Kuthumi – 26 April 2014

natalie glassonIt is with the deepest of love and respect that I connect with your energies today, bringing forth consciousness and love through my being from the Creator. My communication is based upon insights and understandings which are circulating upon the inner planes, the wisdom I share with you is not new on the inner planes but the intensity of the understanding has been enhance tremendously and so I feel compelled to share with you at this time. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 26 April 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much.

When you trust your heart and trust life, absolute miracles can be accomplished. The impossible suddenly becomes possible. Seemingly daunting tasks flow with grace and ease. In fact, you are designed to express the love of the creator as it flow through you. To the degree you are willing, you can allow this love to take over and create your lives, accomplish your projects and find solutions where you think there are none. With God all things are possible. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Julian Websdale – The Eternal Now – 26 April 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1There is only really the Eternal Now and that Now exists in the beginning and also in the end of the standing wave that we call physical existence and evolution, which means that time is cyclical. The Now is the ‘alpha-omega’ of the cycle – as symbolized by the point where the symbolic Ouroboros snake is biting and swallowing its own tail. However, that Now is also the ‘zero nodes’ in the standing wave, and in all standing waves.

A ‘standing wave’ is a wave of energy that has become trapped between two points: when the travelling wave hits a point where it can go no further, it turns back on itself, becoming a two-way wave of energy-information. Continue reading

MERS Infections Pass 300 Mark In Saudi Arabia – 26 April 2014

RT logoSaudi Arabian authorities have reported 14 more cases of the deadly MERS virus, bringing the total number of infected people to 313. The country has faced accusations of a lack of transparency as it struggles to control the virus’s spread.

The latest outbreak of the MERS virus has Saudi authorities concerned ahead of Ramadam, when millions of pilgrims will flock to the country. The Health Ministry has reported 14 new cases of the respiratory syndrome in the capital, Riyadh, in the last 24 hours. In total, 92 people have died of MERS in Saudi Arabia, according to official information from the Ministry of Health.

One of the latest to be infected was a 65-year-old Turkish pilgrim in Mecca, fueling fears that Ramadan will see the number of cases drastically increase.

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‘NATO Spies’? Slavyansk Self-Defense Forces Keep Foreign Military Inspectors Detained – 26 April 2014

RT logoThe Slavyansk self-defense forces will not immediately release the foreign military observers whom they detained Friday. At the moment the militia considers the officers NATO spies.

As the militia refused let the detainees leave, Russia said it will make every effort to ensure the release of the foreign experts.

“We believe that those people should be released as soon as possible,” said Russia’s envoy to the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Andrey Kelin. “Just like all other members of the organization, we are concerned with the developments.”

“Their detention would not help with defusing the tension on the ground and deescalating the conflict,” he added.

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