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Russian Warplanes Repeatedly Enter Ukraine Airspace; Helicopter Buildup By Latvia Surges – 25 April 2014

ZeroHedgeIf the following news had been “sourced” by Ukraine news agencies, we would caveat it by saying it is almost certainly propaganda. However, since the source for this AP story appears to be “US officials”, we will only assign a 98% probability to it being propaganda. Hot on the heels of our report that the Russian “Doomsday Plane” had been seen in the vicinity of the Baltic states, we learn of more Russian airborne acrobatics, this time involving Russian fighter jets which flew into Ukrainian airspace a “handful of times over the last 24 hours, in what one called a continued provocation of the heightened tensions in the region.” One, of course, being a “US source” – the kind that was behind the original armed coup in the first place, so one should take this “news” on a somewhat salty basis too.

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ZeroHedge – Stocks Slammed Lower As Ukraine Claims “Invasion Possible At Any Moment” – 25 April 2014

ZeroHedgeWhile stocks have been fading every bounce so far – and credit markets are particularly weak – it seems the following headline sparked the most recent wave of selling:


The Russell is the worst on the day but the Nasdaq is now at the day’s lows, and all are negative for the week and April.

Credit leading the way…

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Jon Rappoport – Exclusive: An Interview With Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson – 25 April 2014

jon7Before her recent resignation from CBS, Sharyl Attkisson was a mainstream news star. Multiple Emmys. CNN anchor, CBS anchor on stories about space exploration. Host of CBS’ News Up to the Minute. PBS host for Health Week. Investigative reporter for CBS.

Attkisson dug deep into Fast&Furious, Benghazi, and the ill-effects of vaccines. Too deep. Her bosses shut her down and didn’t air key stories.

She now has her own website, sharylattkisson.com. She is writing a book, Stonewalled: My Fight for the Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama’s Washington. Continue reading

Promise Of Free Dental Work Draws Thousands In Connecticut – 25 April 2014

RT logoA free dental clinic held annually in Connecticut is expected to attract thousands of people who lack the proper health insurance coverage for everything from routine checkups to oral surgery.

Held on Friday and Saturday, this year in Hartford, the clinic is operated by the Connecticut Mission of Mercy and staffed by more than 1,500 volunteers and 250 dentists. The seventh annual event began attracting lines of people early Thursday morning, encompassing hundreds of people by the evening.

According to local news outlet WFSB, mission doctor Bruce Tandy said the dental clinic has grown every year over the past seven, and roughly 2,400 patients will be treated through Saturday.

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Rasmussen: Americans Disillusioned By Both Political Parties – 25 April 2014

RT logoThe Democratic and Republican leadership in Congress have a tough enough time as it is trying to find common ground with one another, but a new poll reveals that a majority of Americans can’t say they truly identify with either political party.

Fifty-three percent of likely United States voters told pollsters at Rasmussen recently that they believe neither of the two mainstream parties represents the American public, the research company reported this week.

According to the results of the Rasmussen poll released on Thursday, just over half of the people quizzed “think it is fair to say that neither party in Congress is the party of the American people.”

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John Smallman – Saul – If You Are Having Difficulty With Forgiveness Ask For Help And For Clarity – 25 April 2014

john-blog-pics-0135To leave the illusion behind is humanity’s divine destiny because humanity’s destiny is divine. It has ensnared, enslaved, and entranced you all for far too long and your unwillingness to release yourselves from it is all that holds you within it. You have the power and the capability to do so because you are divine beings, and, because it is your will and God’s, you will release yourselves.

Nevertheless, you are conflicted within yourselves by the intriguing but fanciful opportunities with which it tempts you, and by your desire to find the real meaning in life, a meaning that overwhelms and shatters the unreal dreams that seem to be your constant companions – wealth, security, a lover, and a beautiful environment in which to enjoy them. But the dreams seem so real! This is because you are very powerful beings, and you have made them seem very real, so real that they hid and continue to hide Reality from you, as was your original intent. Hence this intense inner conflict and your endless confusion. Continue reading

Self-Defense Forces Detain OSCE Group In Eastern Ukraine – 25 April 2014

RT logoAnti-government activists have detained the OSCE observer mission near Slavyansk, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has said. A protest leader in Slavyansk says they detained a vehicle carrying Ukrainian military, foreign citizens and bullet shells.

The OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) military mission working in eastern Ukraine has been detained by a group of “terrorists,” Kiev authorities said Friday.

“On April 25, 2014, unidentified men stopped a bus with 13 passengers entering Slavyansk from the direction of Kramatorsk. Among them were seven representatives of the OSCE, five representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a driver of the vehicle,” the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

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Claims Syrian Gvt Used Chemical Arms ‘Fabricated’ – Moscow – 25 April 2014

RT logo(Lucas : It not enough the warmongers are trying to get the world into a new WW. No, it is done also on several fronts… it must happen regardless…. It is enough >>>>HUMANITY SAYS NO TO MORE UNWANTED WARS IT GETS STEERED IN AND DOES NOT SOLVE A THING…. STOP THIS!)

Allegations that the Syrian government has been deploying toxic chemicals are false, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday. Moscow says that it has evidence to the contrary, adding that such claims could be a pretext for intervention.

The statement was made shortly after opposition reports of chlorine gas attacks emerged. Rebel sources have released photographs and video of what they claim to be assaults by the Syrian government over the past month that share the characteristics of a chlorine attack.

“Accusations against government forces of supposed cases of the use of poisonous chemicals continue to be fabricated,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “According to reliable evidence the Russian side possesses, such allegations do not correspond to reality.”

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‘There Are Faults And Cracks In The US Asia Pacific Pivot’ – 25 April 2014

RT logoCountries like Russia, China, Iran feel threatened by US economic sanctions, military encirclement by NATO, consequently they’ve started forming an alliance that seems to be against the Washington’s Asia Pacific pivot, journalist James Corbett told RT.

RT: President Obama is on his eight-day tour of the Asia Pacific region. He has recently arrived to Tokyo, where he was ‘welcomed’ by protests. There have also been protests in the Philippines as well as in Japan. How do you explain this reaction?

James Corbett: The protests in Manila so far have been pinned down to about 100 activists, the protests in Tokyo are down to a few dozen. So it doesn’t necessarily represent a wellspring of mainstream popular opinion here, but it does at least show that there are faults and cracks in the so-called alliance or Asia Pacific pivot or whatever it’s being called that Obama’s visit is supposed to be shoring up. There are people who are upset just generally about the rising military tension in the region that the American involvement is obviously bringing with it. And that’s basically what that protesters are representing.

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‘Russian Agents Captured In Ukraine? Show Them!’ – Lavrov – 25 April 2014

RT logoRussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has dismissed as “not serious” reports of Russian agents captured in Ukraine. He accused US politicians of distorting facts and wrongfully interpreting the Geneva agreement on de-escalation.

Lavrov lashed out at western politicians while speaking at a young diplomats’ forum in Moscow. The minister accused his counterparts in the EU and the US of making unsubstantiated statements.

“Kerry has many times mentioned that Ukrainian intelligence captured Russian agents,” Lavrov said. “So, show them to the people, have them on TV. Kerry says they don’t want to disclose the identities of those people who are engaged in the captures. This is not serious.”

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