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6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes South Of Port Hardy, Canada – 24 April 2014

Canada 6.7 mag April 23

April 2014 – CANADA – A 6.7 magnitude Canada earthquake today 2014 has just struck west of Vancouver. The Canada earthquake today April 23, 2014 began in the evening hours. Damage assessment is pending. Officials tell news that a 6.7 magnitude Canada earthquake today started just after 7:10 pm local time. The quake was shallow and out to sea. USGS indicates to news that the quake started seven miles below sea level. As a result it could be felt to the east on land. Reps tell news the quake was fifty-eight miles south of Port Hardy. It was ninety-eighty miles west of Campbell River. It was roughly one hundred miles west of Courtenay and Port Alberni. Reps tell news that it was two hundred west of Victoria. The same general epicenter delivered a 6.0 magnitude quake on September 3, 2013. As reported on LALATE at the time, that Canada earthquake began one hundred nineteen miles west of Bella Bella. The quake was roughly two hundred miles south of Prince Rupbert and west of the Campbell River. The quake was about four hundred miles northwest of Victoria and three hundred miles west of Terrace. In May another quake struck the country. That quake was sixteen miles northeast of Shawville. It started thirty-five miles east of Pembroke, forty miles northwest of Gatineau. Officials also tell news that the quake was forty-three miles northwest of Ottawa and forty-six miles east of Petawawa. –La Late

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UK Column News – 24 April 2014

Uploaded on 24 April 2014 by ukcolumn Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with today’s news update from the UK Column.

SustanaiblePulse – Italian Court Upholds Ban On Monsanto MON810 Corn Cultivation – 24 April 2014

https://i0.wp.com/sustainablepulse.com/wp-content/uploads/sp_logo_long_3.pngA regional court in Italy has upheld the country’s national ban on the planting of Monsanto’s MON810 corn.

The ruling cites the precautionary principle, which allows governments to take protective measures without having to wait for the risks to become fully realised.

Information from GM Watch

Source: www.greenbiz.it

The court case was brought by a farmer from the Friuli region, Giorgio Fidenato, in an attempt to overturn the ban on planting MON810.

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Jon Rappoport – Freud, The Hypnotism Hoax, And Freedom – 24 April 2014

jon7Here’s a quote from my manuscript in progress, The Magician Awakes: “Hypnosis can be looked at as a metaphor for every kind of control, where the target is unaware that he is being manipulated. He thinks he’s simply receiving information. He thinks he’s experiencing his only possible emotions. He even believes he can’t create anything, he can only absorb or remember. He doesn’t see that he has freedom. For him, freedom simply means no one is overtly telling him what to do…

In 1919, Freud wrote, “…the application of our therapy to numbers [of patients] will compel us to [use]…direct [hypnotic] suggestion.” Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Earth Energy And The Divine Force – 24 April 2014


Yes, I feel the shift each day! Allowing ourselves to receive energy from the Cosmos and from Earth is incredibly powerful and empowering. Many beautiful blessings …

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Laura Bruno – Love Alchemy – 24 April 2014


Short, but very sweet and true … This sharing by Tania Marie goes right along with a conversation I had the other day with my friend, Suzanna. I asked her if she’s “doing alchemy,” which led to her observations that “everything we’re doing is alchemy,” — conscious eating, transformation of body, gardening from seed to plant to fruit to seed, my portal doors, transmuting ugliness to beauty. Conscious, loving transformation IS alchemy.

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Lucas – The Grand Cross Infusion Is To Bring Out The Real You – 24 April 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsI have been pointing out for a while about 2 months ago what the importance of the Grand Cross alignment that now has peaked has been. I warned about the inner and outer energetic explosions that would bring change or force a certain way back into balance.

This crossroads in our journey had to come and it will show after april and onward.  As said already several times the things that are not in line with coming into balance within will be pushed. Some even chose to skip their earthly missions and got leaving their bodies.  Continue reading

Sanctions ‘Not Effective’ In Modern World – Putin – 24 April 2014

RT logoSanctions against Russia will backfire and actually benefit the economy, President Vladimir Putin has said. His comments follow US President Obama’s threat that the White House has prepared a third round of sanctions.

“Over-reliance can lead to a loss of sovereignty,” Putin said at a media forum in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

Western-led sanctions have several advantages for Russia, the President said.

The threat of real economic sanctions is already helping boost domestic businesses, bringing more offshore funds back to Russia, and giving policymakers the push they need to establish a domestic payment system. Similar to what Prime Minister Medvedev said last week, sanctions will only make Russia stronger.

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Jail-Breaking Point: Overcrowded Prisons Strike White House Clemency Chord – 24 April 2014

RT logoThe enormous outlay for overcrowded US federal prisons is forcing the White House to consider clemency and entreat non-violent, low-level felons serving terms for drug-related crimes to apply for early release.

Next week the US Bureau of Prisons will make the inmates aware of the six criteria elaborated by the US Justice Department for those who deserve early parole.

Those who want to go at large should conform to the following criteria: have a clean prison record, have no history of violence, possess no significant connections to gangs or other criminal organizations, and have at least 10 years served in prison.

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Lisa Gawlas – Your Expanding DNA And Enhanced Frequencies – 24 April 2014

lisagawlas2They say that experience is your best teacher, well, I am truly learning so much thru this ongoing experience within my body.  When I had this lung/vocal chords thing back in February, it helped me to really understand/see/experience the incoming energy known as adamantine particles, how it is setting up within our lungs and how to purposefully use it to change/enhance our inner and outer worlds of created matter.   The breath and the voice are absolute partners.

I suppose my precious body does have mercy on this crazy girl, cuz my March’s lesson was gentle.  I still got a bit of a cough, but nothing like it has been, or is now.  A tiny pause for the cause I suppose lol.  But this go round, holy cow!!  I find the lessons and deeper understandings thru this process of change incredible. Continue reading