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Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary: You Are Spreading Your Divine Love Wherever You Are – 1 April, 2014

franpicMother Mary (Received March 31, 2014):

Hello my sweet, dear ones. I come to you now in a Divine Breath: A divine knowing of who you are….A divine imprint of your True Being. We are one. We are eternal together. We are the Love and the Light together. We are immense and deep in our connection.

And dear ones, you are no doubt feeling an expansion, a stillness within your expansion, and a sweet knowing of your True Essence is creeping in and taking firm hold more than ever. My Love for you is immense and I see that your Love for yourselves is becoming deeper and more entrenched. That is wonderful, my dear ones. You are arriving at your greater knowing of yourselves. You are feeling a greater knowing of yourselves, and thus an expansion out into the depths of eternity as you breathe in your Divinity and prepare yourselves even further for your holding of the Christ Consciousness now and forever more within you and extending outwards. Continue reading


Jim Self – Planetary Update – April 2014 – 1 April 2014

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Emmanuel Dagher – Energy Forecast April – Universal Purification – 1 April 2014

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1Universal Purification

April 2014

Hi My Friend,

I am so grateful to share in this way with you today.

A brief point of global stillness occurred in the days that followed the March 20 equinox, which gave us the opportunity to breathe and recharge, in preparation for the hyper-energetic activity the month of April is bringing our way.

The exciting celestial developments during the month of April will create a perfect environment for quantum spiritual expansion to manifest —in our individual lives, and in the collective consciousness. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – 12 Largest Banks Sued By Public Retirement Funds For “Conspiring To Rig Global FX Markets” – 1 April 2014

ZeroHedgeYesterday, we read with some amusement that Goldman has moved Guy Saidenberg, reportedly one of the greater profit centers at the firm – and how could he not be when he always traded against Tom Stolper’s recommendations which led to tens of thousands of pips in losses to those who listened to him over the past five years – from head of global foreign-exchange trading to a new role, as co-head of commodities.  Why did Goldman decide to scrap its once uber-profitable FX vertical and redo it from scratch? Simple – the ability to rig and manipulate FX markets, which are now under every global regulator’s microscope after the “Cartel” members so foolishly let themselves be exposed to the entire world, is no longer there, as confirmed last night by news that a dozen large investors have filed a joint lawsuit against 12 banks for “allegedly conspiring to rig global foreign-exchange prices.” Allegedly? Hasn’t everyone read the Cartel chatroom transcripts yet?

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ActivistPost – In Thailand, A New Kind Of Protest – 1 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comProtesters put down placards and pick up pragmatism as they begin solving the problems created and/or neglected by the regime they oppose.

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Since late October, 2013, protesters across Thailand have taken to the streets, occupied rally sites, seized government buildings and made their grievances known to the world. They stand in opposition of the regime of Thaksin Shinawatra – a Wall Street-backed billionaire autocrat, convicted criminal, accused mass murderer, and fugitive who is openly running the country from abroad via his nepotist appointed proxy, his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 852 – Sibel Edmonds Breaks Down The Turkish False Flag Leak – 1 April 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Sibel Edmonds of BoilingFrogsPost.com joins us to uncover the truth about the recently released conversation between top ranking Turkish officials discussing plans for a staged provocation pretext to start a war with Syria. We talk about who likely leaked the recording and why they did it, as well as how it effects the war between Erdogan and the CIA-Gulenists that we discussed in our last conversation. Continue reading

JPMorgan Shareholders ‘Can Sue’ Over London Whale – 1 April 2014

The Independent

A US judge has ruled shareholders can can sue JPMorgan Chase for securities fraud over the activities of the “London whale” trader.

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TheAustralian – Joe Hockey Faces $60Bn Budget Hole – 1 April 2014

The Australian

By David Uren

SAVINGS of more than $60 billion a year will have to be found by 2023-24 for the Abbott ­government to reach its surplus target, according to the Commission of Audit, which presented a bleaker outlook for tax revenue than was contained in the midyear budget update.

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Sophia Love – Ownership, Worship, Bullsh** – 1 April 2014


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The Hyper Report – 140401 – Rigged Market – 1 April 2014

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