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Project Camelot – Kerry Cassidy Interview With Iranian Physicist M.T. Keshe – 22 April 2012

Kerry Interviews  M.T. Keshe, Iranian Physicist. It is about plasma reactors,  UFO’s and alternative energy.

The interview is from 18 April 2012 : link to video conference interview



Montague Keen – 22 April 2012

First, my dear, I want to say a big thank you to your children, grandchildren and friends, who ensured that your birthday was a very special and happy occasion. Your birthday cake was a work of art, lovingly created by Abigail. You are blessed, my dear, with a very special family. I was happy to join in with the celebrations and prove my presence to your friends. Continue reading

Lucas -Tim Turner Or Drake : And The Controversy Still Goes On : When Will They Learn!! – 22 April 2012

I wanted to have heard  in David Wilcock’s interview with Drake also the side of Tim Turner. That never happened. I was also not allowed to make a comment on the site of David about the question about fair reporting. Giving both sides a change to explain. David answered in an short e-mail.  It was not answered just waved away under the motto, that the “Tim Turner” and Group never would answer on the accusations. That it is a wrong and very unfair statement to put accusations out that not can be proved with facts and evidence to check for everyone. It seems we are in a wrongly formulated trial. Everybody is still innocent till proven guilty.  Hear say and a bunch of e-mails sent between some people are no proof or not enough proof. I would have been silent David and Drake if you can not proof things with substantiated evidence that would stand in court. The Drake site is now with Terri Hinckle at the frontline busy to put messages out to discredit Tim Turner and Rusa in the “Rusa Exposed” series. I think this is a unworthy way to express things. I says you are not willing to stay by facts and or real evidence. Tim Turner had made clear that he would be delighted to have an interview with David Wilcock and then tell the other side of the now one-sided story. Other things  could be brought also to the light and things cleared. An interview is never held.  David made clear he has chosen for Drake. You never can say again you are not partial or neutral  investigative reporter or author if you only tell the convenient truth from one side. Continue reading

Malcolm Foster – Debt- Forgiveness For Myanmar – Japan Forgives 3.7 Billion Debt – 22 April 2012

(Lucas : If Myanmar one of the poorest countries in the world is forgiven a bit a debt that is great news and a good gesture. Is this a sign for what is coming next?)

By MALCOLM FOSTER, Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) — Japan said Saturday it will forgive about 300 billion yen ($3.7 billion) of Myanmar’s debt and resume development aid as a way to support the country’s democratic and economic reforms.

The government made the announcement after a meeting between Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Myanmar President Thein Sein following a summit with leaders from the five nations of the Mekong River region.

Read more at http://www.usnews.com link to original article

Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Interview With Pierre Javanovic – European Revolution Annoumced Within 2 Weeks – 22 April 2012

Uploaded by liloumace 21 April 2012 on Youtube. Look at  http://www.jovanovic.com for more information about Jovanovic.

Thanks to http://www.soundofheart.org – The Free Galactic Press.

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 22 April 2012

Beloved Ones,

The peeling away of the layers of the subconscious patterns that have been carried within you are now beginning to be dissolved and dissipated. All that disempowered you before is now leaving your auric field and is being replaced by more Light which in turn brings up more layers that have been deeply hidden within you. This is the way that the Light works its magic, Dear Ones, and being willing to experience the uncomfortable feelings and pain involved in this process says much about your inner strength and resolve to see this process through to the victory celebration that comes when entering the higher dimensions of thinking and doing. The layers are now very thin and are easily dissipated with the tools that you have learnt work best for you. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Happy Earth Day! – 22 April 2012

Hoping you all find a way to share your love and caring with the earth today. She needs us all as the dark ones continue to try to destroy her. She is tired of fighting back just as we are. Let us come together and share our love and light with her…Have a good day! No post today but I may leave off an article if I find a good one for you. Blessings…. VK

(picture http://www.favim.com) http://www.oneworldrising.com link to original article

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – EIB Inserts Drachma Clauses In Loans To Greek Firms; Troika-Backed Coalition Has One-Seat Majority In Poll For May 6 Election – 22 April 2012

I keep pleading for someone, anyone to put Greece out of its misery. Greek voters have a chance on May 6th to do just that.

Please consider Greek ruling parties to get wafer-thin majority

The two main parties in Greece’s ruling coalition would together get just a one-seat majority in parliament if elections were held now, a poll showed on Thursday, less than three weeks before the May 6 vote. Continue reading

Lucas – More Examples Of The Breakdown Of The Financial System And The Austerity Madness Breaking Up The EU/ Eurozone – 22 April 2012

IMF Loan Of £10bn Prompts Fury From Tory MPs

George Osborne faced fury from the Tory back benches today after he announced Britain is to commit another £10 billion to the IMF.

The chancellor said the increased funding was vital to protect jobs and growth in this country. Read more at http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk link to original article Continue reading

Patricia Cota-Robles – Downloading The Programs For Our New Solar Planetary CAUSE Of Divine Love – 22 April 2012

Uploaded by PatriciaCotaRobles  19 April 2012 on Youtube.