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Montague Keen – 15 April 2012

Yes, my dear, you are all ascended Beings of Light. You chose to be on Earth in these days of change so as to ignite the Divine Light to rescue your fellow man from the clutches of the Cabal. The energy they use to keep you down is fading. They are losing their grip on control. Of course, this is when they are at their most dangerous; after all, as they see it, what have they got to lose that they have not already lost ? Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Questions On Difficult Aspects Of Ascension – 15 April 2012

I’m currently writing an article on seeming anomalies regarding Ascension, such as where we’ll go physically and dimensionally, whether Ascension is sudden or gradual, whether we enter the Photon Belt or not, etc.

In the course of researching that paper, I reread this post and decided that it also addressed some of these questions So I repost this article in the interim. Continue reading

John Ward – EU, Goldman Take Over World To Create New Fraud-To-Bollocks Group – 15 April 2012

In a ground-shifting, mould-reconfiguring accord, Goldman Sachs and its biggest client The European Union have joined forces to create a new worldwide group, AOK. This is not to be confused with AOL (America On Line) in that the acronym stands for All Obviously Kosher. The new operation will maximise the reputational leverage of the EU following its bold decision to expand into the Islamist homelands of Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. The press release stresses that each side of the new consortium will play to its strengths: Goldman will run the world, while Brussels will tell the world that whatever happens, there’s nothing to worry about. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Lets Get Naked Together – It’s Too Important Not To! – 15 April 2012

How often do we really allow ourselves to strip down to our bare essence?  I will never forget the time while living on the mountainside in Vermont, walking completely naked outside to my medicine wheel.  The first thing I felt was shame and exposed.  How on earth can I keep a secret without clothes on my body?  In truth, I couldn’t.  There I was, in all my vulnerability for all the universe to see as I tip-toed to my medicine wheel in the back yard. Continue reading

John Ward – The US Recovery Episode 93 : Foreclosure Filings Leap Upwards – 15 April 2012

You may recall that a week ago I reiterated my mantra when yet again blowing the US ‘recovery’ bollocks out of the water: the unemployment figures are a fraud, and no US recovery has ever taken place with a flatlining property market.

Hat-tip now to RealtyTrac, a US research concern, for pointing out to me why the fall in US home values is about to worsen markedly. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Possible Scenario For Mass Arrests – 15 April 2012

David’s article on the mass arrests contains some information we should all be aware of. Here are a couple of excerpts on what to expect when the arrests begin.
From David Wilcock, “Major Event: Liens Filed Against all 12 Federal Reserve Banks,” Divine Cosmos, April 13, 2012

http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1047-liens Continue reading

DL Zeta – Love And Kindness Are Fifth-Dimensional Signposts – 15 April 2012

There are signposts that signal our arrival into fifth-dimensional consciousness. Love and kindness are two signposts upon which our foundation for inter-dimensional experience is based. Love is the highest vibration in the universe; kindness is a natural manifestation of love. Embracing and cultivating love and kindness carries us through the gates of higher dimensions. We may have a sense of knowing and the ability to access certain forms of higher knowledge but without the ability to live from our heart, we are unable to realize this knowledge in our daily life. Without love, higher knowledge is stillborn and unrealized.  Continue reading