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Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Be Your Exalted Self – 18 April 2012

April 18, 2012

I am Sananda, with words of encouragement for everlasting peace, for you are the Key and the Source for this endeavor, my dear friends.


Many times you ask the question, when will there be peace, all encompassing peace, for all to see, and experience and enjoy?  You know the answer, deep inside you, all of you. It is in your hearts. It comes from there. It always has. Continue reading

UFO Reports – Selection Of Sightings April – 18 April 2012

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John Ward – Euroblown : You Couldn’t Make It Up, But Given Half A Chance The EU Will – 18 April 2012

In something of a panic, the EU bailout fund today hastened to transfer 25bn euros worth of short-term EFSF bonds to Greece. The official version began, “Riding a wave of Athens stock exchange optimism about the future of Greek banks….”

Our thanks go to Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth.

Some additional details were, however, more telling:

‘The EU loan transfer comes despite the fact that details about the terms for the participation and voting rights of existing bank shareholders in the new – largely state held – bank shares have not yet been finalised. The local market is also awaiting an April 20 deadline for the banks to announce the first quarterly results incorporating the amounts of losses incurred in their balance sheets from a 53.5% writedown on Greek debt….’

It’s also, of course, the deadline for paying off the Foreign Law bondholders.

Words like ‘dots’ ‘join’ and ‘up’ spring to mind.

http://www.hat4uk.wordpress.com link to original article

The Galactic Free Press – The Daily Blue Star Planet UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 18 April 2012

Today’s a shy report as instead of not having a report I prefer doing a small one. Usually, probably due to timelines on the Planet, the best ones come out in what is my evening, but for sure I’ll get them in tomorrow’s Update.

Keep sharing and Loving as there’s nothing better anyone can do. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Humor – 18 April 2012

I think more than anything these days we need to remember humor! We seem so serious and often down trodden. The creator did not create us to suffer in life. As with everything he did, he gave us the choice in how we lived our lives. Who in heaven’s name said ascension had to be grueling? Why can we not find humor in it as well? If there is a good cartoonist amongst my readers I challenge you to begin creating a daily cartoon about ascension so we can retrieve our humor from the trash can. yes the solar flares are very intense and rattle our nerves to the core. Not much we can do about them as that is where our information we need is coming from and we can’t stop them anyway. So we must remember to ‘ Glow with the flow ‘ as my friend J so aptly created. Trying to fight what is going on, allowing ourselves to become frustrated and agitated is a waste of much-needed energy! We need to conserve our energy for shinning the light. The above picture I found wonderful humor in and it suits me perfectly. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Force Of Light And Forces Of Darkness – 18 April 2012


Galactic Confederation. Also called Galactic Federation. This is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations within this Galaxy, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians… Its leaders are ascended masters, beings that live in enlightened state of consciousness. Ashtar Command is a section of Galactic Confederation which primary function is to liberate planet Earth from the grip of the dark forces. Continue reading

John Ward – Sarkozy/Goldman/Morgan Stanley Foat Mystery: Is Berlin involved? – 18 April 2012

FOAT experts admit new sector could damage France, aid Sarkozy

Further to The Slog’s post of five days ago about speculation against France on the new French debt futures (FOAT) market, speculation broadened on the French Left over the last 36 hours in relation to the FOAT founder – Deutsche Borse – and whether a geopolitical move by Berlin might also be part of the mystery. Continue reading